Google I/O Keynote 2018

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Google Ceo  Sundar Pichai has announced on 2017 that google was started working on AI to develop user interaction and to help users when needed.  It’s the collection of team work to bring the benefits of AI to everyone.

It should be done globally so AI centers have been opened around the world. The idea behind AI is to combine AI with software and hardware AI+SF+HD.

All three combining understand the entire user’s action and collect a complete data on how a user interacts with a mobile, like how often he uses mobile, Apps, Maps and all data’s.

Google announced few changes in AI on Google I/O Keynote on 2018

AI work on Health care

AI helps in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy which leads to blindness can be detected earlier by doctors by simply scanning the retina in the eyes. AI started to get more insights with the image of the eye scan like collecting the person’s Age, Biological sex, smoking habit, A1C, BMI and systolic blood pressure which helps in identifying a five year risk of having adverse cardio vascular event-heart attacks or strokes. The machine learning systems offers new insights to find more things just from retinal scan

It also helps doctors to predict medical events for their patients before 24-48 hrs, which helps in giving treatment before the patient gets very sick.  The machine language analyses the patient whole history and predicts 76% of readmission.  Thus it helps in save time and health care.

AI work on Google Photos

AI did a lot of changes to Google photos where it gives advanced access to the users by changing the scale, color and the view. Every single day there are over 5billion photos view by the users. AI brings in new features to help users called Suggested actions.

If you got photos along with your friends on any occasion, then it is possible to share those particular photos to that particular friend by clicking the share button that appears along with the photo with them.

If the photos are under exposed, then the AI system offers a suggestion to fix the brightness right there below the photo with one tap.

If the photo is about document, then the AI converts it into PDF file and save it for the users to use later.

AI can also drop or add background color to a photo, where it is necessary and looks better.