How to create Google Analytics Account -Part 1

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First Create a Google account. Using that user ID and password create an Google Analytics account.

Once You entered the Google analytics page it will be displayed like the image below. Click Sign up using your Google account.

The Google Analytics account will be created for that Particular User ID.

There are two important things to do for finishing the process completely.

1. To create Tracking ID for your Account.

2.To Create Tracking code For the Websites which you are going to track, in your Account.

How to Create Tracking ID?

Once you click the sign Up in google analytics it will take you to the next page which looks like below

Click Website or Mobile App, that depends on what you are going to track. Both the tracking works different on their own terms. If you are clicking website the following image will be displayed, so that you can enter details which I will discuss along with the image to get the Tracking ID.

By Clicking Website

Under the Account Name type your company Name which will be the name for all website you add in future.

Under the Website Name type your website name. If you are having multiple Business then type the website name for the respective Business.

Under Website URL Type the URL of the website, along with proper domain name. There is a dropdown box to select http:// and https:// version for your website.

Under the Industry category select the type of Business you do. If you Select Business and Industry you can set Goals to your website.

After that we are given a set of time zones to select according to our country.

Select the country and a time zone.

Next comes the Data Sharing Settings

Everything is recommended by Google so check all the options and then click Get Tracking ID to get the Tracking ID for your Account. However by getting the Tracking code for the website only we can start tracking the data of a particular website.